Our portfolio of services is focused to inspire the organization and its individuals to evaluate, implement and follow up the upcoming future strategies. Many of the projects have been turned into specific models or programs for change.

Some of our projects have been turned into models for:

  • Empower your business and people with the SMART strategy

    Define, Measure, Execute
    We have the worlds larges database for measuring innovation capabilities and ere a part of the global team of Innovation Experts using the InnoSurvey to measure your organisations capabilities.

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  • Cyber security and risk management

    As a partner to NetDiligence we are offering a unique toolbox to assist your organization in educate , train, define and assess your cyber risks e.g.

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  • Business Plan

    Executing plan for growth, finding partners, funding ventures.

  • New meeting concept/events

    Executing model for direct and indirect marketing via new meetings and structures, seen from the organizer and participants view.

    We are proud co-founder of the largest eGovernment congress and meeting place in the Nordic area

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  • Leadership and knowledge management

    Establish training programs and create meeting zones and arenas for virtual integration of knowledge management, HR and more.

  • Optimize sales

    We are developing solutions to accelerate your sales including launch products, interim management, improve sales tools, focus on training, involve new methods, improve sales process and implementing CRM as a cultural tool in developing customer relations.

    With more than 35 years of sales leadership and executing global sales strategies we have lectures and training programmes for all kinds of sales processes.

  • Corporate culture

    How to define tools, products, services and processes for new way of creating value in the social era and how it is different from traditional strategies.

  • Sourcing and procurement

    With long experience from public procurement we have programs and models for electronic procurement in an online environment. Reducing time and increase the number of bidding partners are some of the results.

  • Virtual events and virtual worlds

    How to benefit from the virtual world in executing new processes and work models. Is it possible to find new virtual money to support the real business?

  • Digital society

    Seen from a political and governmental view we have supported organizations to define services that improve quality and openness with full control of integrity and identity and much more in an eGovernment strategy.

  • Gamification

    We turned the communication strategy into an adventure game to reach new groups and to attract next generation of members/customers.