Some of our projects

Global Innovation and Ideation company

Our role: Licensed Practitioner
With the accreditation as a platform we helped business owners to assess, define and implement Innovation Management Systems.
Responsible for the global sales summit to develop the consultancy business around the assessment method InnoSurvey.

The assessment and ideation methods are imbedded resources in executing the SMART strategy.

Textile and Technology company

Our role: Interim CEO and sales director
With local design, sewing, embrodery the company produced luxury and high quality sportswear and equestrian textiles. Entered the field of intelligent textiles and positioned security.

eSport company

Our role: Interim sales director
Rebuilt the sales distribution channels and established next generation resellers.

Cleantech company

Our role: Strategic advisor funding and alliances

Software company legal and compliance

Our role: Strategic advisor sales and marketing in global launch of services

Event and media company

Our role: Strategic partner event development for some of Swedens largest event in the area of eGovernment, HR, management, public procurement

Swedish Municipality

Our role: Develop an eGovernment strategy and plan for execution including citizen survey, strategic procurement, organizational structure and management support.

Internet service company sourcing and procurement

Our role: CEO and interim manager, Internet procurement and sourcing company. Procurement due to EU legacy. Started in 2006 with a goal to list or sell the company before 2010, sold in 2009. Service was awarded best municipal procurement solution 2009. Customers in public sector and suppliers in public bidding.

Mobil communication company

Our role: Vice president sales and marketing, establish a global leader in mobile positioning, listed in Stockholm 2004. Service for security, payment, customer loyalty. Customers like Securitas, Levis, G4S, Lego…

Educational company

Our role: CEO, interim manager in restructuring of organization in one of Swedens largest educational company focusing in computer based learning and strategic leadership.

Travel service company

Our role: Strategic advisor, in digital strategy and implementing new platforms for booking, CRM, knowledge management, IT strategy, outsourcing and management coaching.

Sport association

Our role: Develop a new sponsor strategy in the digital world, how to attract new partners and find new revenue streams.

Publishing, media and event company

Our mission: Establish publishing house for E-Learning and multimedia platform and event marketing. Launch product for a global sport federation.

Mineral water start-up

Our role: Develop sales and marketing strategy.

Outsourcing startup company

Our role: Advisory board member

Government authority

Our role: Management consultant, develop new IT strategic plan

Canadian research organization

Our role: Act as an agent in commercial launch of international broadband services in the area of virtual cinema e.g

Internet startup in Canada

Our role: Board member of webb TV, world first streaming services for TV on the webb

Internet start-ups

Our role: Venture partner Several start-up in technology and Internet services e.g 3D animation, Find your relatives…

International outsourcing and service company

Our role: Management consultant and responsible for change management training

Research and development company

Our role: Innovation mentor and advisory board several research and development projects in physical and digital security