The framework to define a strategy in Virtual Management is based on three main objectives that we address, we could do it in an ordinary puzzle tactics. First part is define the culture in how to handle innovation, errors, customer complaints, research, supplier tactics, employer satisfaction.


In the next step we look at the skills needed and the actual base of competence in the organization. Do we use the workforce in right positions, where is the “dream team” ?


When that is in place and evaluated we start looking at the technical platforms, models, methods and solutions. Then we could in fact give each part of the organization optimal tools and satisfy each individual in an optimal way.


What we will achieve is a very clear picture of the gap between the management vision and the actual tools we have to perform in both technical and human skills.



Now we can start with defining the strategy for the mission and we will come into our core values in a future strategy. We call it the SMART future strategy..


Sustainability – in order to optimize the use of our resources we need to identify a total cost of ownership in our strategy.


Measurable – each step should be very clear to put actual figures on and put it into measurable time frames.


Augmented – in order to create the future strategy we need to train the organization and the individual to look a little bit further on and to image what could come up and how that will affect the execution of the strategy.


Recyclable – when products or services is designed make them in small steps that could be recycled in other processes to shorten time to market.


Trusted – a true virtual strategy is trusted in the way that no one could miss their responsibility and how to act in order to the company culture and individual value.

To optimize the execution process we have tools to combine the traditional presentation with the opportunity to add the virtual mindset with voice, image and storytelling in a creative format.


When you want so see, feel and hear the strategy then it is a true Virtual strategy.


To be able to act quick and powerful in the research phase as well in the execution phase we have our network of excellence.