Have you ever said, it goes like a Dance?

Today we are celebrate the Day of the Dance.


At Virtual Management we are proud to support impact dance and culture project around Europe. One of them is coming up this autumn for the fifth time.


The Cultural Association Iver has established Malmö Dance Week that has in a short matter of time become one of the largest stret dance festivals in Europe and is an important platform for the street dance field in all of Sweden and the year round. The festival is visited by both international dancers, families and people with a newfound interest in dance.

Malmö Dance Week and the finale event Hip Hop Weekend have gained an obvious place among Malmö citizens, where the seven-day long dance festival offers over 40 activities around the city, including exhibitions, clubs, workshops, performances, battles, movie screenings and much more.



For more info visit www.malmodanceweek.se



Maybe dance is the golden piece of the human wellness puzzle


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