XR technology will give new dimensions for a world of happiness

Did you all know that today we are celebrating WORLD HAPPINESS DAY on march 20?


Read the World Happiness Report 2024 here.


To promote Happiness in business is probably one of the most important ways to improve result in many dimensions.


But still our leadership culture has much to improve in that area, maybe we should combine happiness with the XR (extended reality) hardware e.g smart glasses? If we connect the change with a new device then the change will be much faster and be permanent also.


How can XR hardware upgrade the global happiness ecosystem.

  • enhance and visualize study results.
  • lower overall educational infrastructure
    XR software will increase learning and training


Research shows that foster a Happiness culture creates many benefits. In Virtual Management Network of Excellence we have the honor to have our own minister of Happiness in our network of excellence.

Its your day Maike van den Boom 


Here using the Smart glasses from YpsilonX 

Contact us for setting up your corporate happiness travel plan: 



1-2 hour discussion with our expert


one day Workshop with our experts in the network of excellence


6-12 months training program to define the intangible asset gap for your competitiveness in the new economy


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