The meditation challenge

In Virtual Management Network of Excellence we have gathered expertise and knowledge to empower business and people in a holistic and joyful way.



One of our partners Flow has started the year by helping PwC reduce Employee Stress and Enhance Wellbeing.

The 30-day Meditation Challenge was a way to find measurable impact and how to implement that in the daily routines. Read more here. How Flow Helped PwC Enhance Wellbeing

If you are interested how to challenge your network give us a contact and we could provide you with the guidelines, tools and methods.

You can subscribe your Virtual Manager for a Session, a Lecture or a Journey

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  1. David says:

    I would love to see the measured outcomes of this with respect to worker efficiency, well-being, attitude, loyalty – and happiness. Very inspirational as a window into am amazing future for both only corporations, NGOs and other institutions, but their very clients.

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