Do you think like a sculptor?

Virtual Management is a way to use experiences from the sports world, culture industry, HR, health, technology experts e.g to define quick future strategies that is easy to execute, measure and follow up.


In our network of excellence we have gathered experts and innovators from all over the globe.

We are now ready introduce the new way of executing management Sculptor Management


What could we as a business leader learn from that?


When you enter into your new position into the new company this is the rock you will see…how could you turn that rock to an effective organisation. This have been much easier if you have a vision what you should create and a model to fill with the right concrete so to say.


What to learn?


Take a close look of what you find from the beginning and think an extra day, reflect, train  and act!


How do you train and add your extra Power?


With 25 years in developing Virtual Management skills, our experience shows that many organisations should have an external network of excellence to add external power in
– board room inspiration
– corporate culture
– AI in scenario planning
– future strategy execution
– knowledge upskill
– innovation and incubator execution
– corporate venturing’
– avatar management
– sculptor management…


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