How to empower mental health?

Have you ever been stressed or worried about tomorrow? have you been asked yourself what I am doing here and why I am in this mode? Maybe David Byrne and Talking Heads had that in mind here..


We have now reach a high material standard and created a welfare system for most of our diseases, of course there will always coming up new threats like the Covid -19.

But still we are worried of other things that could not be treated with traditional medicine pills, we need to change our mindsets and train soft skills in a new way, train our invisible muscles is to train the mental health.

Therefore WHO (World Health Organization) has declared October 10th as the World Mental Health Day. (link)


From our side we are supporting several projects to make this reality, one of the is meditation from Iceland. (link) 


Another is our digital role model NIKKI and game based learning in a lifestyle communication platform. (link)


But, most of all we think you need to find the collaboration between physical and mental training. Maybe the best challenges for that could be dance?

We are proud to support this upcoming event in Malmö this fall. (link)


Our network of excellence have the mindset, skillset and toolset how to build the puzzle for empowering people, business and society.

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