How to empower the virtual meeting…

Our first virtual meeting was structured for 25 years ago, we had the opportunity to meet in cyberspace together with the owner and management team of a large European travel agent.

At that time Internet was new, hot and unknown, for many of us it was something that should take the jobs and the vision that George Orwell book 1984 was almost reality…

But on the other hand it was now possible to “travel in advance” and prepare my trip in a way that never has been possible before, let us focus now on how to fill the virtual meeting with content.

Our publishing house VQ International was established around the virtual meeting in the virtual world and the digital rolemodel Nikki was born. She was in the interactive story, in the on line community and visible on the live events around Europe.


2021 VQ have been award by the EU business news “Scandinavian Business Awards” for best Virtual Meeting Solutions Provider


If you want to define and evaluate how your Virtual Meeting should be executed subscribe to a Virtual Manager to guide you on the trip to the future metaverse .as an example of destinations.


Our network of excellence have the mindset, skillset and toolset how to build the puzzle of the future. You can book your Virtual Manager for a Session, a Lecture or a Journey

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