The Bauhaus movement, human contract and the International Women´s Day…

The Bauhaus movement was a journey of transformation, a transformation of the modern art. Let us all think of how art could change our mindset and references to a brighter future.

In many ways moderna art gives us the direction to a new mindset of how to look at the world and all our pieces we have around us. Over the years we have asked us where are the women?

EPRS_BRI(2021)689355_EN Bauhaus briefing


The International Women´s Day is stated by the UN and we are proud to support that as on of our most important values for our trip to the FUTURE, (read more)


This is maybe one of our most important economic goal for a healthier and happier future according to the World Economic Forum,


Let us all be empowered to make this change happend and sign the human contract for 2021, how may will be here in 2022 ? Follow one of our experts in Virtual Management Network of Excellence and implement the SMART strategy puzzle.


Take a chance to become a pioneer in  adopt the seven principles in  the new movement guided by Maria

THE HUMAN CONTRACT summary-agent


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Prepare with the golden puzzle.

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