We are in between and how to prepare for the new?

It´s about meetings!

Between dream and reality, memories and hopes, knowledge and experience, technology and human, buyer and seller, attitudes and values, individuals and generations, cultures and interests, virtual world and real world…

We need to combine experience, knowledge with intelligence and curiosity from many views. We could measure IQ and EQ but how should we train and measure creativity. We think that it is time to introduce VQ Virtual Intelligence as the “next intelligence currency”.

In many ways that will be a way to extend the nature and find the new visual society, from our network in Japan they are introducing the Society 5.0 and from our member in network of excellence she expressed it “I simply continue what nature has started”

On the other hand we are in the middle of world creativity and innovation week so let us prepare for the world innovation day April 21 with finding out your Innovation VQ...

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