Is Zero the new green?

When we talk about sustainability and our next generation smart society it has been a lot of focus on Electronic vehicles and how to solve the infrastructure of chargers for them.


Other areas that has been in focus for Virtual Management and our network of excellence has been energy storage and distribution losses for the whole electricity industry. In many countries the electricity production is not where the consumers are?


In 2013 we where moderating the global CIRED congress held in Stockholm with focus area of distribution losses, energy storage and consumer behaviour.


The development of new hardware and software for develop new solution for large scale energy storage has been a global race for the future climate. One of the most interesting areas is to be able to use intelligent software to use new isothermal solutions to scale up to TWH scale storage at a few cents a kWh.


Virtual Management has entered as an advisor for Energy Internet Corporation (EIC) and will follow the establishment of a new complete hardware and software solution to serve energy generators, distributors and consumers. to a global project for future sustainable energy storage.


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