Are your board staffed and skilled for future challenges?

We are living in a period of uncertainty and owners and board members has a pressure on their shoulder. Will they be able to have a good night sleep?

In our series of leadership culture articles, we will address this topic a little extra today:

How are they skilled in the quick changes of strategic business development?

Have you a training area “for uncertain decisions”?

How familiar is the board with new political landscape?

Have the societal impacts become a business advantage in your board?

Our friend Johanna Palmér has a great article in the Swedish magazine CEO-magazine (VD-tidningen) where she inspires the board election committee to think extra in these four areas

  • Technology
  • Climate
  • Diversity
  • Leadership


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Do you have an external advisory platform?

Our experience shows that many organisations should have a network of excellence to add external power in business facilitation, innovation, leadership training, strategy execution…
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