When and where will the future begins?

We are often thinking of that in the future everything will be better. The problem is when will the future begins (Chronos)or is the future linked to one certain place (Kairos)?

Follow this link to find out more about Chronos and Kairos.

Some says that the future is when a “salesman” say´s that we do not have this feature now…but in the next version it will be there.

One thing we could agreed upon is that when experience and curiosity will be in perfect harmony then maybe we could imaging, predicting and event creating our trip to a greater future..

To be able to prepare and train for the future Virtual Management has a long tradition to collaborate with Future Center Alliances



How do you train for adding the extra Power?



With 25 years in developing Virtual Management skills, our experience shows that many organisations should have an external network of excellence to add external power in
– SMART strategy method
– board room inspiration
– corporate culture
– AI in scenario planning
– future strategy execution
– knowledge upskill
– innovation and incubator execution
– corporate venturing
– virtual meeting culture
– avatar management
– sculptor management
– self controlled leadership

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  1. The best way to predict the future is to invent it! See http://www.adventurebox.com corp.adventurebox.com and careers.adventurebox.com

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